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Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

• Packaging as per your requirements.

Solar Panels

• As per your requirements.

Solar Inverters

• As per your requirements.

Solar inverters may be classified into three broad types:
1) Stand-alone inverters.
2) Grid-tie inverters.
3) Battery backup inverters.

• Micro-controller based PWM inverter
• Modified Sine wave output
• Soft start facility for starting heavy loads
• Five stage battery charger
• High and low input voltage protection for the connected load

• Battery Voltage : 800v to 100 KVA model.
• Protections :       Overload, short circuit, Low Battery,Overcharge, Mains Low and High input Voltage.

Solar LED Lights

• As per your requirements.

Inverters Batteries

• As per your requirements.

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