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Miscellaneous Products

Safety Matches

• Packaging as per your requirements.

Incense Stick

• Packaging as per your requirements.

Chocolates Packaging

• Packaging as per your requirements.


We make variates of chocolates like dark chocolates, dark with almond, dark with dry fruits, dark with cherry, dark with butterscotch, dark with crackles, plain dark with white dip, mix fruit, badam, pineapple, cherry, lemon, mava badam, mint all flvr dark chocolate plain & white dip also...

This all types are also available in normal chocolates, white chocolate plain, white chocolate with pista n elaichi, white chocolate with almond, white chocolate with dark chocolate dip & normal chocolate dip... All chocolates are available in many shapes like heart, shells, rabbit, smile face, car, round, square, star etc...

we also make variation of chocolates truffles.. Like mint flavour, mint flavour with bitter test, dry fruits truffles, hazelnut truffles, coffee flavour truffles, orange, badam, mix fruit, coconut, cherry, butterscotch, lemon etc flavour truffles...

We also make Bounty and sugar cotted candy in any flavour.
• We Provide Also as per your requirements.

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